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Event Highlight´s

Traditional "Perchtenlauf"

Thursday 5th of january 2023

An event well-known far beyond the borders of Maishofen. The Perchtenlauf is a unique event attracting several thousand visitors annually. The various groups are selected with great care, with special attention paid to their traditional roots. The intent is to introduce guests and locals to the “Percht” figure as a bringer of good luck, not as a scary figure. This event is also accompanied by the local folk band, a mounted equestrian group portraying the three wise men, and the young farmers association, who present the mythological Perchten figures.


Perchtenlauf Maishofen 2019

An events which brings every year 2 - 3 thousand visitors to Maishofen

Perchtenlauf mit Perchtenmaske

Cottage Hill Festival

Sunday 7th of august 2022
Every year, many high-spirited guests and locals gather at the rustic Kammereggalm. As you make your way up there, you can already hear the echo of wind music. The program includes whip crackers and wind ensembles from Maishofen, as well as another folk-music group, to performances by the Viehhofen folk costume group, who will demonstrate folk dances and even get the excited audience to step up and join in. Lisl, your host at the hut, will provide traditional, tasty treats for the hikers and performers.


Almfest 2019

Almfest auf der Kammereggalm in Maishofen.

Almfest festlich feiern und tanzen

Harvest Village Festival

Saturday 20th of august 2022
Folk costumes, handcrafts & a packers parade. Each year at the end of August, the traditional Harvest festival takes place. Guests and locals can enjoy and observe folk music, customs, folk costumes, everyday culture, and traditional handcrafts from new perspectives. The highlight is the traditional Harvest Parade with local heritage societies, the folk band, ceremonial militia, firefighters, and colorful folk costume groups – from everyday dirndls to splendid outfits saved for special occasions. You can also look forward to vintage tractors and the Packers Parade. Packers were the first “haulage companies” over the Alps, and carried important supplies to the mountain valleys on the backs of horses or mules. Around the village well, craftsmen bring almost-forgotten skills back to life – this is a great opportunity for all visitors to immerse themselves, body and soul, in a deeply rooted farming and village culture.


Bauernherbst Dorffest 2019

Dorffest & Bauernherbst Eröffnung in MaishofenGäste und Einheimische können dabei Volksmusik, Brauchtum, Tracht, Alltagskultur und altes Handwerk aus ...

Bauernherbstdorffest in Maishofen