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Interactive children’s trails

“Montelino” on the Kohlmais - Saalbach

The adventure-packed “Montelino” theme hike on the Kohlmais in Saalbach delights children and families, and makes hiking a special experience for young and old.

Montelino’s adventure trail for families and children, with its many fun play stations along the way, is located between the summit and mid station of the Kohlmais summit lift in Saalbach. Big and small kids alike will immerse themselves in the wonderful world of a little clown who lost his smile... Can the kids succeed in making a smile appear on his face again?

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Mount Kodok on the Reiterkogel - Hinterglemm

Follow the mysterious clues on the trail of the goblin
Once upon a time, a notorious goblin named Kodok stole the magic hat of a clown. The mission is now to find the clown’s hat. The goblin has hidden it in a secret place. Now, you have the chance to bring back a bit of happiness to Mount Kodok! To solve the riddle, you must find the right code and write it down in your adventure pass. Follow the mysterious clues on Mount Kodok, track the goblin down, and solve the riddle that you have been given. Venture through the dark canyon and listen to the talking tree tell the secret of Mount Kodok.

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Schnitza`s wood park –Experience wood in a different way ...

A huge adventure playground in the idyllic valley head of Saalbach Hinterglemm. Everything revolves around wood – and everything is made out of wood.

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Mystical “Devil’s Water” at the valley head

The “magical” world of “Devil’s Water” is a large theme park, which leads visitors past many play and wellness stations focused on the theme of water. There is a Kneipp pool as well as a fish pond, forest playhouse, mill wheel, rock pool, cave path ...

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High ropes park – discovering your personal limits

The newest attractions are three gigantic zip lines with a total length of 2 km! Glide over the valley at a height of 100 m and at a maximum speed of 70 km/h! This is where man was meant to fly!

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The Treetop Path & the Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps

The Treetop Path is Europe’s highest. Together with the Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps, this combination of a 1km long loop path in the treetops and a 200 m long swinging bridge at a height of around 40 m is a project that is unique world-wide.

Open 365 days a year!

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Hinterglemm Fairy-Tale Forest

Once upon a time...

The figures are lovingly carved out of wood, painted, and skillfully staged. Entrance to the Fairy-Tale Forest is right next to the indoor tennis center in Hinterglemm. Admission is free, accessible to everyone, and is open around the clock.

Park of the Senses on the Asitz - Leogang

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