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An exciting golf experience for the whole family! “Adventure Golf” is the golf game that comes closest to “big-time” golf – exceptionally fun and entertaining.

Laid out on park-like grounds, each of the holes serves up different challenges. The holes, several meters long, with artificial turf and significantly contoured surfaces, allow experienced golfers to play side-by-side with beginners, with the rookie able to play the easy version of the course, and the experienced pro tackling the tougher one. The challenges of this game lie in reading the holes and judging the length of the shot. This sport, already popular in Denmark and Sweden, is now offered at Sportcamp Woferlgut as Austria’s first “Adventure Golf” facility.

Sportcamp Woferlgut
Kroessenbach 40, 5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße
Tel: 0043 (0) 6545 7303-0

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